Communication Center offers high quality, weather-ready marine audio equipment. We can fit your boat with a wide range of receivers, speakers, subwoofers, amps, and even satellite radio and communication options for your system. We can install all the gear and cables necessary to create a fantastic listening experience for you and your boating guests. We’ll have your entertainment system up and running by the time you take your boat out for the first time this spring.


What Audio Gear Do You Need for Your Boat

Configuring and installing audio gear for a boat takes an approach and customized equipment that is different from fitting it into a vehicle. Therefore, you have to think on a different level and understand the factors involved in the process. Water, salt, sunlight, wind, and other external conditions can affect how your system operates and how long it lasts. So it's essential to choose the right gear for your boat's audio system.


For boat audio system installation, here are some equipment features to consider:


Anti-Corrosion. If you’re on the boat a lot during the warm season, you know the importance of anti-corrosion equipment. Our systems are rust-resistant and coated to eliminate corrosion.


Water Resistant/Proof. Although we can install audio equipment that can handle light splashes and rain, we recommend going all the way with technology that you can fully submerge without getting damaged.


UV Resistant. The sun can take its toll on boating equipment and tools. Therefore you should get an audio system that can hold up well after repeated exposure to the sun. 


Remember: You’re Outside in the Open Water

Marine audio equipment that sounds full in the boat’s cabin will often sound dead when playing it outside in the open water. Therefore, you’ll need a more extensive system that pushes strong signals to enhance your listening experience. To get a great sound outside, here’s what we recommend for your boat stereo system installation:


●        Watertight marine receiver with a remote

●        Marine speakers with plastic cones and rubber surround.

●        Marine amplifiers with plenty of power (spend a little extra for this)

●        Subwoofers to fill out the sound all around the boat

●        Marine-rated wiring

●        Satellite radio and GPS features


Complete Boat Audio System Installation in Richfield, Minnesota

Before you take your boat out this upcoming spring, get a professional boat audio system installation from Communication Center. We provide a wide range of marine audio products including receivers, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and marine-rated wiring for boat owners in the Twin Cities metro area. For a free estimate, contact us at (612) 869-0355, or message us on our contact page. We are your marine audio authority in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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