Although you may have heard of subwoofers, you may not understand precisely how they work. Sure, you know that they enhance the bass in your car audio system. They, however, provide a broader range of sound that ‘fills up’ your vehicle’s interior. Manufacturers have developed and improved how subwoofers perform over the last five decades. Below is a brief description of subwoofers and how they can enhance your car stereo sound once we install them.


Subwoofers Improve The Low-End All Around

Subwoofers generate low-end audio frequencies in the bass range of your stereo system. To put it into musical terms, they magnify the lower notes and fill out the sound in the lower register. To put it into scientific terms, they push the frequency range between 20 and 200 Hz for factory and custom car audio systems.


If you’re driving down the street and you hear bass ‘thumping’ out of a car louder than usual, you likely hear a subwoofer that we have added to the system. Although subwoofers work better with some styles of music over others, they can be used to enhance the low end of an audio signal or musical style. In popular music such as rock, pop, rap, country, etc., you’ll hear increased bass guitar or drums in the music, since these play lower tones


How Are Subwoofers Mounted?

We install subwoofers in cars by mounting them inside a wooden box that is reinforced with black felt or an acoustically deadening material. You want equipment that will ‘deaden’ the sound to keep the frequencies from bouncing all over the place. A dead sound allows you to have more control over the bass and gives you a cleaner sound in the car. The box also contains the bass sound, which produces a ‘thumping’ effect in the vehicle interior.


Why You Want Subwoofers

Most of our customers who have subwoofers installed subwoofers don’t know how they ever listened to music without them. When used at a reasonable level, subwoofers enhance the entire sound of an audio signal, not just the low end. Music and vocal signals (i.e., talk radio) sound warmer and fuller. The result is a more personalized experience that gets you closer to the music.


Professional Subwoofer Installation in Richfield, Minnesota

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