Car Audio System MinneapolisThere can be a lot involved with building a car stereo system. Understanding what a car system is and what it can do are necessary to achieve great results. This blog will provide an overview of considerations you should make when planning your next system. Be sure to contact a Communication Center car audio professionals for advanced design, purchasing the right equipment, and having your system professionally installed in Minneapolis, MN.


The Vehicle's Acoustics

Cars, trucks, vans, and any other type of vehicle you will install the system into. Vehicles are less than ideal for acoustics. Speaker placement is often based off the manufacturer speaker locations, and these stock locations are based on a design space allowance. Most speaker locations are not great locations to deliver sonic excellence.


Your vehicle is often noisy when running and driving down a road. Road noise increases with speed and from certain tire types. Loud exhausts also present problems with audio clarity. 


High end systems always include sound absorption products and custom speaker pods to increase the sound quality. The acoustical products cancel out road noise and help subdue a loud exhaust. Different acoustical products are used in different vehicle panels and to meet the specific need. Our car audio experts in Minneapolis can install the acoustical products to help make your car system sound fantastic.


The Vehicle's Power

Your audio system uses the available power of your vehicle. Most vehicles have 600-1200 watts of available power from the alternator.  You might be able to use digital amplifiers that use less power than the available alternator power, or you might needs to invest into larger or secondary batteries. Capacitors are always a necessary item to allow amps and subwoofers to perform at a high level. Most audio systems will perform very well by using a quality single farad capacitor. Some systems use enough power to require larger capacitors and/or secondary batteries. Our experts design the system and power products around your needs, your vehicle and your system budget.

The Head Unit

Head units, often called decks and CD Players, are the brains of your car audio system. The head end is where you load CD's, connect your iPod, iPhone, USB Music, connect to Satellite Radio and stream music from many sources. Head units have different features, different styles and different performance level. We encourage you to speak with one of our car audio Minneapolis experts to decide on the right head unit for your needs.



Your speakers are very important to your sound quality. Factory speakers leave much to be desired from audio systems. Most factory speakers have a limited frequency range and offer limited performance. Upgrading your factory speakers to after market speakers is a great way to increase the quality and performance of your car audio system in Minneapolis. Some aftermarket speakers can be powered by factory head units or aftermarket head units. Some speakers require more power and need a dedicated amplifier. Speakers that require amplifiers sound a lot better than factory speakers or speakers powered by head units.



Subwoofers deliver much more bass than traditional speakers are capable of. Some subwoofers are small and take up a small amount of space. Other types of subwoofers can take up all the room in your trunk and provide loud enough bass to make it hard for you to see. The type of subwoofer that you need greatly depends on how loud you want your bass, and what frequency range you want to hear. The car audio professionals at Communication Center in Minneapolis can help you decide which subwoofer is ideal for you.


Amplifiers provide power for speakers and subwoofers to play music at volume levels. Most factory CD players have 7 watts per channel. Most after market head units have up to 15 watts per channel. Amplifiers can have a huge amount of power for subwoofers, and can have modest ultra-pure power for speakers. There are different types of amplifiers and different sizes of amplifiers. The right amplifier for your need is recommended by our Minneapolis car audio experts based on your speaker types, space in the vehicle, and the performance that you need.


There is a lot involved in car audio systems, your best bet is to visit Communications Center in Richfield and speak with a professional.

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