Technology has advanced at a very rapid pace over the last 15 years in Car Audio. Car CD players have evolved into mobile entertainment centers that can do far more than simply playing audio. Most entry level head ends will allow you to connect a USB audio device and perhaps Bluetooth. These units generally have adequate power for factory car audio speakers for Minneapolis consumers.Taking a step beyond entry level will allow you to experience the beauty, sophistication and technology that is available to you. 

Car Head Unit

Here is a Kenwood Excelon Connected Entertainment Receiver and delivers superb car video in Minneapolis. This unit is on the cutting edge that delivers far more than music and a beautiful interface. This type of car audio product in Minneapolis will allow you to sync your Smart Phone to the receiver and stream Spotify, Pandora iHeart Radio, iTunes, internet radio or whatever else you listen to on your phone.


Navigation is made easy with the beautiful large display.



Watching DVDs is a standard car video feature and popular for Minneapolis enthusiasts. 

Speaking to Siri without having to fuss with your iPhone is a very nice feature.


Voice Dialing.

Got an app to use your phone as a remote? Yes.

iPhone App

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