Trunk forward is what we call the start of a car audio system build for most consumers. Adding a car subwoofer is the single most important part of a car audio system to improve the sound quality and increasing the fun when you drive your car. Factory car audio systems have decent sound quality at best, and pretty low quality sound quality on the economical default systems. In other words, you can easily improve the sound quality of you car.


Start in the trunk. Adding a car subwoofer or "sub" will allow you to have a greater frequency range and actually hear the bass that was recorded in the music. Classic Rock needs a subwoofer if you want to hear all of the drums, Rap needs a sub if you want the beat, DubStep is nothing without a powered sub. 




You have many options on the size, performance and brand for subwoofers. We carry subwoofers that perform very well and can last longer than the life of your vehicle. Subwoofers have different box requirements and power requirements. You will need the right kind of amplifier to power your sub. 


Car Amplifiers


You will also need the right box to let your sub perform well.


Ca Audio System


Custom fiberglass subwoofer boxes are popular with our demanding car audio crowd in Minneapolis.


Custom Subwoofer Box


You have many options from basic to wild in adding a bass to your vehicle. Starting your car audio project with a subwoofer is a great start.


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