Remote Starters are a great convenience of modern life. Minnesota can get very hot in the summer, and deadly cold in the winter. A remote start will allow you to start your car from inside your home or office and get the warmed or cooled before you enter it.



Remote Start in Winter

A lot of people in Minneapolis enjoy remote start for the cold winter days. Starting your car 10-15 minutes early allows the engine to warm up, defroster to remove the windshield frost, the heater to warm the car.




Many people do not realize that remote start can be used in the summer time to cool down your car! You can set your air conditioner to the desired level, and then turn off your car. Your remote start will turn your car on and allow the AC to start cooling your car.


Remote Start in Summer


Adding a remote start to your car will help you avoid returning to a car with 120+ degree interiors. You wont have to jump into a car that feel like an oven if you use a remote start to cool your car.




Many remote starters have a lot of well-designed features, including far transmission ranges (some models work beyond 2000 feet). Smart Phone App are available on certain models. Your vehicle may require certain remote start models and require professional installation.

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