One of the biggest moves in young driver safety is hands-free technology. States across that nation are pushing this topic. The statistics from the Highway Safety Counsel clearly shows that hands-free driving saves lives, especially the lives of teen and young adult drivers and passengers.


Smart Phone Integration:

Being able to integrate your smart device is a technology that has been around for about a decade. It has just been in the last two or so years that the technology has trickled down to almost every level of new automobiles. Parents and teens can add the technology to any car that does not come equipped with car phone tech. The service works with all of the popular brands such as Android and iPhone.


smart phone app


This is a service that you can have installed locally and avoid the higher prices that are charged by car dealers. The technology integrates your smart device into the audio system of your car. The benefit of this technology is that it keeps hands on the wheel. Statistics show that teens and young adults drive better and safer when they are not worrying about missed phone calls, unanswered text messages and other communication via their smart device.


Back to school is the perfect time to take teen driving seriously by adding technology to their cars that increase the level of safety. From a law enforcement perspective, the term is distracted drivers. Statistically speaking, 421,000 people received injuries due to accidents where a distracted driver was involved in 2012. That statistic does not just represent driver injuries, but injuries to people in other vehicles, on sidewalks and passengers. Distracted driving is deadly. 3,328 people were killed in 2012 due to accidents caused by distracted drivers. All of these numbers represent loss and injuries that were 100% preventable. There is no way to escape instant communication. 171.3 billion text messages have been sent by the end of 2012, according to An even sadder statistic reported by is that 10% or driver fatalities for those under the age of 20 are attributed to distracted driving. Those deaths are 100% preventable. To drive home the point about how important hands-free driving is consider that it is estimated that each day, 660,000 drivers on the nations highways are using their cell phones or texting while driving. That number is not just teens, but adults too. It takes just a second for an accident to happen. According to the average time a drivers' eyes are not watching the road while using a device is five seconds. That is just the average time, and it illustrates how fast 421,000 peoples lives were changed in 2012. That is how many people were injured in vehicle crashes due to distracted driving.


Wireless smart phone connection and navigation are great features for young drivers.


End the Statistics

As parents, or even as teen drivers you can do something about limiting the risk of injury while driving by investing in hands-free technology. The process is simple. The process is affordable. The process saves lives. We know that talking to teens about how important not texting while driving is and how well most teens understand that texting while driving is dangerous. Still, they are lured into making bad choices by the need to communicate. If you would like more information about products that can be installed, on most automobiles, to increase hands free communication just call us. You can also come by our shop and see first hand how these products work, and what products are available. We offer high-quality products that feature the latest technology, and the integration process is fairly simple. We are happy to answer your questions about products or show you the differences between sets of products. We are 100% committed to reducing traffic statistics that involve distracted drivers. 


Together, we can make a difference.


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