What exactly are motorcycle radar detectors and why should you consider getting one for your bike? As the name implies, these are gadgets that detect radar signals that come from speed reading radars that cops use to check if motorists are exceeding prescribed speed limits. Using this kind of a gadget on your bike helps you reduce speeds when a radar is detected, which in turn helps you avoid the repercussions that come with it like tickets and fines.

Aside from helping you avoid tickets, fines and arrests, these motorcycle radar detectors can also help keep you safe. With motorcycles these days being as fast as they are, it is easy to get carried away with speeding away on one. Having a radar detector on your bike can help remind you to slow down due to the presence of speed radars.


Choosing the Right Motorcycle Radar Detectors

How do you choose the best radar detector for your motorcycle? With so many new gadgets coming out due to developments in motorcycle technology, it can be a confusing decision to make. Some people base their choice on price. Others base it on the features that come with the radars that they choose from. The best way to choose a radar detector for your bike is by basing your choice on both price and features.

There are three general types of detectors available in the market these days: cordless, corded and remote. Cordless detectors are best used with motorcycles, although some bike owners choose to buy corded ones for use on both their cars and motorcycles. Hardwired units are also very popular with those who want a high-performing detector.


A lot of motorcycle radar detectors come with features that are made specifically for use with motorcycles. Some people choose to use radar detectors that are not meant for use with bikes, only to realize later that these do not work as well as they expect. The problems with using detectors that are not made for motorcycles include those with audio alerts that cannot be heard properly and visual alerts that cannot be seen correctly with a helmet on.


What Are Your Options?

When you buy a radar detector, you will also need to get a special motorcycle mount for it. Some motorcycle radar detectors also come with features that allow you to use an earpiece to help you hear alarms easily. Most of these detectors are also water proof since these are exposed to the elements, what with motorcycles not having a roof like a car.


Some detectors come with special features that make bike owners choose them over others. For instance, one particular detector comes with a helmet mountable receiver that makes it easier to catch an alert. A few cordless units may come with built in battery chargers, making it easier to keep these units going. These features are added to these detectors to help make them more appealing to those who are having a hard time choosing detectors for their bikes. These are also added to make them more effective and accurate.


Using motorcycle radar detectors is legal in a number of states, but is illegal in a few. Before you even consider getting one, it is ideal that you find out whether or not using one in your state is a violation. When you are sure that you can indeed use a radar detector safely in your state, then you can start going through your options one by one.

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