If you are a car audio and video aficionado, then you are someone who looks forward to the latest trends in car audio and video systems that come out year after year. Car audio pros and car a/v enthusiasts are acclaiming hands-free technology allowing for control and integration. Much praise is also paid to integration technology allowing for wireless connection of iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and other devices with your car’s entertainment system. Here are some of the more notable trends that seem to be catching everyone’s attention these days:

Voice Command Capable Car Audio Systems – Have you ever dreamed of telling your car’s audio system to play a specific track, to turn to a favorite radio station, or to reduce its volume without having to touch anything? A number of automobile manufacturers are working to integrate voice control into audio systems.This allows vehicles to respond to your voice commands, enabling you to choose your music, lower or raise volumes and the like by just saying so. Similar to the Siri technology used by Apple, manufacturers like Honda and GM are working hard to deliver this amazing technology to consumers very soon.

Mobile Phone Connectivity – in the interest of heightened safety, the need for the integration of your mobile phone’s features into your car audio systems seems to be on the rise. Imagine being able to answer your calls without having to pick up your phone while driving, or even needing to wear a Bluetooth earpiece to do so. With the press of a button on your steering wheel, you can answer calls and talk to your callers while driving, without any other gadgets or hands-free devices in use. You can even make phone calls by just mentioning the name of the person you need to call after pressing a button on your steering wheel.

Internet Connectivity for Music Streaming – internet accessibility and connectivity to increase audio selection variety is becoming a hot trend in car audio systems, and stereo makers are meeting the challenge head-on by creating units that can work well with apps that bring a wide array of music choices to motorists who want it. This kind of connectivity is bringing together different industries – from vehicle manufacturers to streaming services to stereo makers – to allow such a thing to become a reality in the not so distant future.  Your next car might have apps for Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more.

Satellite Radio – now satellite radio is no longer something that people on boats in the middle of the ocean can have on their audio systems. Those in land-travelling vehicles can also make use of such a service for their cars too. If you are looking for commercial free radio, then satellite radio, like Sirius XM, is what you need. You can choose from a wide variety of radio talk shows and music programs covering all genres from such an offering.

These are but a few of the latest, and up-and-coming, trends you can look forward to using in your vehicle. These additions to your car audio systems may come very soon to you, or if you really want to know when, contact Communication Center - your local Minneapolis car audio specialists.http://www.car-audio-pros.com/

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